Poet Name- Scarlet Keiller

I am feeling everything,
And I wish I couldn’t.
I want to go back to feeling nothing.

I want to go back to the monotonous months
Which had no colour
Or false hope of brighter days.
I don’t want false hope,
I just want to shut it all out again.

Maybe it would all be easier if it was that way.
Maybe we would all be happier if it was that way.

You Don’t Get To Be Upset

Poet Name- Scarlet Keiller

I try so hard to change myself,
Yet it isn’t enough for you.

You force me and push me,
Yet when I bleed, it’s too much for you.

I can’t do what you wish of me,
Yet that’s not satisfaction enough for you.

I want you to stop,
Is that too much to ask of you?

A Hopeless Romantic

Poet Name- Nessa dieR

I think I fall under the category of
The Hopeless Romantic
And the thing about about me,
The tricky thing of
hopeless romantics
Is that,
when I say hello to someone,
(And that hello is magical )
When I fall in love
I never Imagine that
That Hello can turn into a good bye
And when I have a first kiss with someone
I never ever imagine that someday
That could turn into a last kiss.

My own Clock

Poet Name- Nessa dieR

There’s a time and place for everything
A time to cry
A time to laugh
A time to love
A time to run away for a little while
With the someone you love.
I call this perfect timing
But I think now’s the time to realize
You never got the timing right .
You were random.
A clock with worn out batteries,
Or maybe you work counter-clockwise
I guess I’ll never know.

And I did.
But I realized something else too.
I realized i have never loved anyone,
As much as I love you.


Poet Name- Scarlet Keiller

I sit in the shade
On summer days
And wish I could reach the sunlight.

My days are grey,
And I dream of days
Where I wake up in that same light.

On those days,
I will jump out of bed
And be happy to look in the mirror.

I cannot lie,
I am looking forward
To those days where I will feel better.

There Is Beauty In Misery

Poet Name- Scarlet Keiller

They do not see her,
For she is the invisible one,
The one who fixes broken friendships
And is a shoulder for all sobbing hearts
But who nobody notices.
They do not see her,
For she is the invisible one,
The beauty that is found
Within misery itself.


Poet Name- Nessa dieR

Her feet are cold
Her head is warm
Why wasn’t He told?
Why did no one warn?

His love is dying
Deep, drowning pain
And there’s no point in trying
The tries would be in vain.

She waited for him
Who she dearly yearned
And when he was finally seen
She got nothing in return.

So she walked away
But his spell, oh so strong
Would make her walk his way
And believe nothing was wrong.

But this time she regrets
Standing under the rain
Protecting him from Bullets,
For this time they pierced her brain.

Bubble Armor

Poet Name- Nessa dieR

There’s a girl alone in her bedroom
Playing with the air
In the shadows of the moon
Although no one’s there.

Playing with her imagination
Afraid they might burst
Her bubble of protection
Keeping her from trust.

She doesn’t share treasures
Nor secrets as well
Nothing brings her greater pleasure
Than playing with herself.

Her universe is huge, more than the whole earth
But tell me darling, will it be like this until death?

Because girl, what might become of you,
Without dreams to follow?
What might help you stay at peace,
When you’re drowning in sorrow?
What might bring you back to love
When they burst your bubble?