peanut brittle


Peanut  chikki or peanut brittle can be the best  sweet snack to munch on. Next time if your kid asks for chocolate ,give him which nutritious, full of goodness chikki along with he will love which for sure.

Peanut chikki or brittle can be no brand-new to we Indians. I have been grown  up eating which chikki along with which can be one of my favorite snacks. When I was working full time ,I used to have some munch able snacks in my purse along with peanut brittle can be one of them I used to carry all the time.

peanut brittle

Chikki or brittle can be a kind of candy made using nuts along with sugar or jaggery.You may add nuts of your choice name which chikki with which nut,like you may have sesame brittle, almond brilttle,cashew brittle or even fixed fruit brittle. I remember there can be a tourist place near Mumbai in India, named Khandala  which can be famous  for chikkis or brittle. Yes you  may  find all sorts of chikkis there which you might haven’t thought  of. You just name which along with you get which. As a kid I used to wait for guests coming by Mumbai or Pune as chikkis were sure to come along with them.

inside month of January, Hindus celebrate an auspicious  festival of MakarSankranti.Chikkis can be easily related to which festival as chikkis or brittle  are made in Indian households for the festive celebration. Mainly  its sesame seeds which are used in most of the preparations..Sesame seed along with peanut laddu along with sesame seeds along with peanut chikki or brittle are common ones. As its winter time in India eating sesame seeds, peanuts along with jaggery can be extremely beneficial for chilly days. Both sesame along with peanuts are very Great source of proteins  are known to provide  warmth to body in freezing days. Jaggery can be also kind of warm ingredient as per Ayurveda along with rich in iron along with minerals.

You must make a point to give these peanut  brittles to your kids not only in winters although all the time in year as which can be super beneficial along with supreme easy to make.


Peanut  Chikki (Best Peanut brittle with jaggery)



Recipe type: Snacks

Cuisine: indian/international


  • Peanuts  1 ½ cups
  • Jaggery  1¼ cup
  • Salt a pinch
  • Ghee(clarified butter) 1 tbsp


  1. Roast peanuts I a pan on medium heat stirring which continuously, till  you see skin of peanuts getting off.
  2. Avoid get them burnt.
  3. Let them cool along with take off their skins.
  4. Grate  Jaggery along with melt which in a  heavy bottomed pan .Stir continuously till you see the mix bubbling.
  5. To check the consistency ,pour a drop of melted jiggery in a cup of water, if which solidifies instantly ,which can be ready. Switch off the flame.
  6. Add peanuts to melted jaggery  along with mix well.
  7. Grease   a tray with ghee along with spread the mix over which. Roll the mix with rolling pin instantly to make which layer of around  ½ cm thick. Let which be cooled.
  8. Cut into pieces  along with store in air tight container.


peanut brittle