In 1975 Ratilal Mehta, a very spiritual businessman, after sitting a couple of courses with Goenkaji in Rajasthan, invited him to conduct a course in his newly constructed switch factory in Hyderabad. After a couple of courses being conducted there, he decided to construct a meditation centre in 2 acres of adjoining land. Goenkaji named the idea Dhamma Khetta as well as the first course was conducted there in September 1976 — the first centre to conduct a course in that will tradition. Initially Goenkaji used to conduct two courses a year there, however later when he appointed Assistant Teachers, a course was conducted every month. Gradually in recent times, more land was donated as well as right now the centre has almost 7 acres.

A spacious Dhamma Hall for 150 students as well as a Pagoda for 72 students were built within the early 1980’s. Later a mini hall for 50 students, one hall for 30 students as well as another one for 75 students were built. Pagoda cells also have been increased to have a total of 125 cells. There was accommodation for about 0 males as well as 75 females initially however as the buildings were very old they are being slowly upgraded as well as right now there are 24 single as well as 15 double rooms on the female side as well as 20 double rooms as well as 12 single rooms on the male side. 7 more single rooms on the female side as well as 28 single rooms on the male side will be built within the future. The kitchen as well as dining hall will also be upgraded after that will. Eventual the centre will cater to 75 male as well as 60 female students. There are residences for 2 female AT’s as well as 4 male AT’s.

Two courses are conducted every month, starting on the 1st as well as 3rd wednesday except when there is actually a long courses of 30 as well as 45 days. A childrens course is actually conducted on the Sunday that will the course ends — twice a month. There are many buses via the city to the centre. The centre is actually 1km away via the main road (which leads to Nagarjuna Sagar). The airport is actually 34 kms away as well as the various train stations in Hyderabad are between 20 to 22 kms away.

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The Centre is actually 22 km via the city of Hyderabad, on the Nagarjuna Sagar Road.

If you are arriving by train the idea would certainly be more convenient to get off at the last station the train is actually going to in Secunderabad or Hyderabad, which is actually either Secunderabad Railway Station, Nampally Railway Station or Kachiguda Railway Station.

You can go by Bus, Taxi or Auto-rickshaw to the center

Vipassana International Meditation Centre,
HYDERABAD- 500 070,
PH.NO.(040) 24240290, CELL. 9491594247 — Timings 10am to 5pm