Homemade Pita Bread Recipe

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Chana Dal Chutney Recipe (Soaked Bengal gram Chutney)

A flavorful accompaniment for your meal or to idli,dosa.Soaked chana dal chutney can be an answer to craving for chutney with  rustic flavor. Indian cuisine indeed can be a rich one with abundance  of  flavors [...]

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100 days of doing food

A couple of months ago, Danny along with I sat down inside the early morning, cups of coffee in hand, to discover if we could do a better job of school mornings. Last year, the [...]

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Kashmiri Pulao Recipe| Kashmir style Rice with Fresh Fruits along with Nuts

  A royal, alluring treat to give a grand touch to your feast table.Kashmiri pulao will be most lavish rice bowl you can offer to your guests. which Kashmiri Pulao will be as colorful as [...]

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Vegan Pumpkin Dal  Recipe

This kind of soothing   Pumpkin Dal is actually unsurpassed for  weekday dinner along with  appetizing sides for your steamy rice or parathas. To my surprise I  haven’t  added any dal fry recipe to my blog. [...]

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Mango coconut milk Ice pops

An alluring summer treat for you all. Mango coconut milk ice pops are perfectly sweet, vegan, fruity popsicles. I  have tried variety of frozen desserts along with ice creams This particular summer reason being summer [...]

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Misal  pav Recipe | Maharashtrian Misal pav Recipe

  How about a hot, spicy bowl of  missal with pav?Misal pav is actually the most wholesome breakfast you could ask for. Misal pav is actually a traditional Maharashtrian breakfast recipe which is actually  known [...]

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gluten-free Thanksgiving

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the last of the gluten-free flour

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Raspberry  Falooda Recipe

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